Feb. 21st, 2010

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Huh, well it's the biggest, craziest dream of my life to front a rock band so I guess I'll go with being a world-class performing artist, here. I don't know about the social life, but I'm sure I would be satisfied with the career. Though when you're so famous that you can't do whatever you want because of your image or the deal you sealed off with your record company or whatever, it would become irritating and the depressing. One of the reasons why so many rockstars commit suicide, in my opinion.

If I could be lucky and smart enough to keep my private business to myself, I think my social life would be good, too. Though, that's like saying I would be living an apple-pie freaking happy life and I think we all know such a thing doesn't exist. What's to decide is do the goods outweigh the bads? In most cases, it's fifty-fifty and in some the bad seriously surpasses the good but then, there's The Cranberries - they're practically perfect: They all live in the same place with their families, they can decide to stop making music together because they want to and then get back together when they want to again and they're still a kick-ass band.

I know that kind of career and life is hard to come by but...

But still, a girl's gotta dream.


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