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I dunno... I've been meaning to get an lj account forever. Just been too lazy. I love writing and I guess I just like sharing my writing and getting people's opinions on it so, hmm...

There's practically nothing about me up there at all. I know. So, okay. I guess I should just blurt out that English is not my native language, first. Because I'm from Turkey. And I am currently going to college. I'm playing guitar and singing in a band that doesn't really do much right now because, well, just because. And I talk a lot in daily life and here, I type a lot, obviously. People don't usually hesitate to tell me to shut up. But I still don't, until I'm finished with what I'm saying. I get pissed pretty easily - something I gained from my mom. I get violent a lot. Actually, some of my affectionate actions contain violence :P Whatever... I'm short. Around 5'4''. I like little kids unless they're whiny and screamy. Then they just drive me mad. I like playing computer games - have gotten over Luxor, Sims 2, FIFA, Age of Mythology, Battlefield 2 and Call of Duty 2 addictions. Actually, I'm currently relapsing into Call of Duty 2 because I still haven't installed Call of Duty 5. Andz... here it comes. I've been pretty much very into My Chemical Romance for 4 years. And also into Gerard (the complete package with a hundred million different facial expressions and hair colors/styles and sexy/shy/nerdy actions along with that amazing, heart-breaking/scaring/lunatic voice of his). And a really considerable amount of Frank along with some Mikey in the mix and a gawping adoration at Ray's shredding guitar skills and Bob's love of slippers. What can I say? I am a fan girl. But I'm against stereotyping. So, you know, let's just forget that I called myself a fan girl. Let's say I'm not classified.

You might have realized that I do talk very very much. Much more than strictly necessary.



P.S. I have a Fic-Wad account under the name asherschick. But I got bored of it. So when I put my stories from there, I'm not plagiarizing.

Oh, and one last thing: Supernatural RULES. That's it. Total Dean girl, I am. I was doomed from the first 5 minutes I watched of Supernatural. Dean is - inexplicable, he's someone I'd want to meet (and no, not just because he's gorgeous =P). Oooh, and Jensen Ackles, mmmmmmm. Let me just say that Danneel Harris is a very lucky woman (same goes for Jensen, too, because hello, she's hot!). Now that I think of it, I remember seeing an icon around here: "And on the seventh day, God created Jensen Ackles. Then he said 'Top that!'" Couldn't have got it more right...

Hmm, so now I write Supernatural fan fiction, too. What can I say? I love my boys so very much to keep making them suffer like in the show so maybe in my mind, I like to imagine them in a better place =) But I'm a lazy writer because studying electrical engineering sucks and takes the biggest chunk of your precious time away =(

***The awesome SPN mood themes I use in my journal are made by the talented causette. All credit goes to her. For my user pics, check the comments for credits.***
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