Aug. 14th, 2011

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Yepp, I do have a best friend. We've known each other for 7 years =D What haven't we done in all that time, huh? We've written mindlessly ridiculous Buffy/Angel fan fiction, we've discovered amazing bands, we've survived an Anita Blake addiction, we've been to countless number of fantastic rock shows, we've gone on vacations, we've eaten everything we want and more, we've gone on diets, we've been to Paris (and Disneyland, duh..), in a festival we've set up a tent, stayed in it until the sun woke us up by boiling us (greenhouse effect) and packed the tent up (at least tried to =P) Wow... What else is on the road for us, huh? Personally, I think I'm on concert withdrawal right now, it has been 4 weeks since our last one =D

Wow, it has been so long since I've last posted here. What was last? A brief review of the Bon Jovi show (which we went to, together =), on my birthday and you actually wished me happy birthday as those rock gods were on stage!)

Actually, it has been ages since we both posted anyhing, right [ profile] anitta_gzd ? You there? I mean I know you're there always but are you in LJ?

What can I say, I couldn't resist answering this writer's block prompt...

Now, to the true purpose of wandering on LJ, I'm gonna find myself a Spartacus fandom =D What a show... Spartacus with his anger, his wit  and his righteousness. Gannicus with his charm, his wine and his smile. Crixus, the fucking animal... All with their vast love for women they eventually lose. It is truly an epic tale, though unfortunately, from history we all know how it ends. But Spartacus, as a historical person, is noted as the first man to ever challenge the authortiy, to rise against the mighty and powerful. Whether he won or not is not what's important, that he fought and fought well, with his heart and soul is what matters. On the subject of fighting, it's of course not always so literal. The very man that gives Spartacus life is in the biggest fight of his life. It's such a shame Andy's sick, I wish him the best of luck and strength to keep fighting that horrible illness and to return back to full health. Unlike my grandmother, who was sadly too old for the fight...


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