Jun. 2nd, 2010

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Seriously, I am so pissed off for a few days, now. Peple are just too ignorant. Worse, they are useless tools who have no idea about what's going outside of their suburban homes and keep repeating sentences that are fed to them by lobbyists like parrots. Probably 90% of the Western population consists of idiots...  But they sure know how to point fingers and blame, just like (sadly) our own Prime Minister RTE, who is a worthless piece of shit. God I hate that man, he's such a populist and a hypocrite! If it is so wrong what Israel did, why not cancel off the weapon deals with them, why keep billions of dollars flowing to Israel?

And people of the world, ignorant people of the Western  "civilizations": Why keep chanting the same old same old Armenian so-called genocide like a broken record? Noone's saying, not one drop of Armenian blood was spilt in 1915. But do you know anything about a World War? Yeah, you probably don't because you care much more about the new Grey's Anatomy episode and what McDreamy will do than, oh I don't know, reading a few pages of history! Bad things, really bad, scary-horrible-sickening bad things happen in wars. Those people were forced to move out of their homes, sure, were attacked and killed and raped on the road, no one can deny any of these because these are the consequences of war. But why were they forced to move, do you know? Because there was war with Russia (before the revolution) and Turkish army was trying to fight the Russians off, while also trying to keep the North Eastern villages safe from Armenian anarchist gangs who had started a rebellion to take advantage of the state the empire was in. And do you think in the span of 10 years, more Turks haven't died in the war than the false number of Armenians we are accused of killing? You think just one day, Turkish people woke up and noticed, they didn't like the shape of Armenian's eyes, or their hair colors and decided to kill them all off? Yeah, sure...

I think everyone should take a look at what scary ghosts they hide in the closets of their pasts before throwing stones at anybody. What do you think the new settlers did while they invaded the "New World", later named "America"? Do you have any Inca friends? No? Oh, that must be because they were mercilessly slaughtered off the face off the earth! What about Native Americans? What did the European settlers do to them? Huh?

Oh, and World! You do not know anything about Kurds in Turkey. Kurds and Turks do not live like two separate nations in one state. We are integrated. We work together, we go to school together, we go to serve for the military together (not the women, of course) and we marry each other and we live together. Nobody (except for extreme-nationalist tools) will throw a stone at someone for speaking Kurdish. Hell, have you ever been to the West or the South coasts of Turkey for a vacation? The workers at almost all of the hotels in Turkey are of Kurdish decent, if they are not Russian. All that brownish, tan skin you see, they're Kurds with well paying jobs and good lives.  So the problem in Turkey is not the Kurds. It's the economy and the education system - or the lack thereof. If we could educate these people, give them jobs, no one would be so clueless and helpless to go up on the mountains and pick up a rifle. But if you think, the only people suffering economically are Kurds, then I'm sorry, you're sorely mistaken... 

By the way, The Turkish Army does not drop bombs on civilian villages. They don't even drop bombs on terrorist-occupied mountains. Instead, we have gun fights and every other day at least two or three soldiers of the Turkish Army (I'm not saying Turkish soldiers, because like I said, Turks and Kurds serve in the military together, shoulder to shoulder) come back into their hometowns in wooden caskets. So yeah, we don't do what Israel does. We don't want to have civilian casualties in order to clean up the terrorists up on the mountains. Hell, have you heard of what happened a few months ago? The terrorists who decided to put down their guns and come off the mountains were granted permission to go back to their normal lives. Have you heard of anything like that?   

No? Like I said, probably not as important to yoou as football or McDreamy...


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